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Expressive art by Gisèle Mengis

Hotels are familiar to Gisèle Mengis – she has grown up within a hotelier’s family and is to this day a co-owner of Hotel Helmhaus. Her paintings and drawings can be found in all public areas and hotel rooms.

To paint for the Hotel Helmhaus has been an enticing challenge for the artist, and her paintings and drawings have been influenced by you, dear guest.

Her dreams have been woven into the pictures which surround you. Their colours connect with the ones of the room.

Silent Friends

Pictures  – silent friends.  Can you be happy without pictures? The right pictures in the right place? When I look at a picture, I may well encounter a reflection of myself. Back and forth, an exciting exchange. That might do. But I might instead prefer to switch on the TV.

Or I may be attracted by the colours in the picture. The texture of the paper appeals to me, I notice a few figures hidden in fabric of the painting, I think about the title.  

The picture waits. It silently promises to be faithful to life, to contemplation and to dialogue.

 Gisèle Mengis